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Current affairs

13th Polish-Ukrainian LVIV Conference

13th Polish-Ukrainian LVIV Conference ‘ City-society-culture: Lviv citizens in the world’ held on 1-2nd June 2016 in Cracow, and organized by the Department of History of the 20th Century, Institute of History and Archive Studies, Pedagogical University of Cracow.

A special jubilee issue of the periodical

In the bicentenary of Ossoliński National Institute’ foundation, we plan to publish a special issue commemorating the jubilee and the people involved. In 2017, the third volume of ‘Galicia. Studies and materials’ will be devoted to the Institute and its special patronage in XIXth century Galicia.


The second volume of 2016 is now edited and encompasses texts focusing on the subject of ‘Philosophy of Galicia’. Prof. dr hab. Leszek Gawor is the editor-in-chief of the volume.

First issue of the journal is available

We would like to inform that the first issue of ‘Galicia. Studies and materials’ in available in a printed version in the Publishing House of the University of Rzeszów, Professor Stanisław Pigoń Street 6, 35-310 Rzeszów.